Real Estate News in Mauritius

Top Reasons to invest in Mauritius

Over the past few years, Mauritius has turned into a very sought-after investment destination by foreigners to spend holidays, invest or to simply settle. What are the reasons that make Mauritius so appealing? ... Read more

    G+2 Apartments for foreigners in Mauritius

    Since 2016, a new property scheme has been implemented by the Mauritian government to allow foreigners to purchase Ground+2 apartments (G+2) in Mauritius. ... Read more

      Invest, Live and Retire in Mauritius

      With the laws put in place by the government of Mauritius, home ownership on the Mauritian territory provides an opportunity for foreigners to build wealth ... Read more

        It's a must to visit these places in Mauritius.

        Every year, millions of holidaymakers come from all around the world to discover Mauritius. These tourists are seduced by the diversity of its landscapes... Read more

          Credit Facility, Housing Loans Mauritius

          In Mauritius, real estate is one of the safest investments to build a lasting legacy and to protect its financial security. Today, this country allows Mauritians and ... Read more

            Real Estate in Full Ownership in Mauritius

            The Mauritian real estate sector offers many advantages and great opportunities to all foreigners wishing to invest and settle in Mauritius. ... Read more

              Medical Care Services for Expat in Mauritius

              Mauritius has a relatively well-developed health care system for all Mauritian residents. Whether you are a Mauritian, an expatriate or a tourist, it is ... Read more

                PDS for foreigners in Mauritius

                Since 2015, the Mauritian Government has introduced the real estate acquisition program PDS (Property Development Scheme) in Mauritius to promote foreign property acquisition on the Island. ... Read more

                  Property Acquisition in Mauritius by foreigners

                  The Mauritian real estate sector is divided into two distinctive market segments namely the Local Property Market (real estate properties only for Mauritians) and the ... Read more

                    Fiscal advantages Mauritius

                    The Mauritian government has settled a light, simple and attractive tax system to support the development of real estate investment. This program promotes ... Read more

                      Foreign Investment in Mauritius

                      A foreigner can possibly live in Mauritius provided that he invests in real estate with the systems set up by the government. A foreign national or a Mauritian ... Read more

                        Residency Permit | Investors in Mauritius

                        A non-citizen who wishes to live in Mauritius holds a residence permit since he acquires a property worth more than 500,000 US Dollars in one of the PDS, IRS and RES ... Read more

                          Embassies in Mauritius for Expat and Foreign Citizen

                          Mauritius has several embassies and consulates and most of them are situated in the capital city, Port Louis. Foreign Nationals and tourists from all ... Read more

                            Study in Mauritius - International Scholarship

                            he school system in Mauritius is mainly based on the British education system and is divided into four categories such as pre-primary, primary, secondary and ... Read more