Mauritius Welcomes you

For a decade now, the Mauritian real estate landscape has been experiencing a considerable change through development of building projects across Mauritius. Many of these foreign professionals, investors and retirees are seeking for a more pleasant life to invest and benefit from all the advantages of this paradise island. The economic and political stability of the country, its tropical climate, its peaceful setting and its wide available range of activities and leisure meet all necessary requirements for the implementation of property investments in best conditions.

Tourism Development

Served as a model of political and economic stability in that part of the world, Mauritius is an inevitable address for foreign investors and tourists. The country has made a bold move from an agricultural economy based on growing sugarcane to an economy geared towards the tourism industry. Today the island welcomes almost a million tourists a year, while keeping this unique character which makes it one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Activities and Attractions in Mauritius

But Mauritius Island is not only a paradise for investors, Mauritius is simply a paradise. Beside its magnificent natural sites, the island offers a wide range of activities which will be to everyone’s advantage, whether you are young, old, in relationship, with family, friends or in business trip. Mauritius offers a selection of land and water sport activities such as surfing, parasailing, diving, big game fishing, golf, hiking, horse riding and many more. Mauritius has natural parks, wildlife reserves, museums and gardens that you can visit. The island invites you to discover the Pamplemousses Garden, the Casela World of Adventures, the Vanille Nature Park, the Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park and many others. You will also enjoy guided tours to l’Aventure du Sucre, Rhumerie de Chamarel, Domaine des Aubineaux, Tea Route, Photography Museum, Eureka House and Château de Labourdonnais. Mauritius has many modern shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants and bars where you will discover the Mauritian gastronomy and taste the best exotic cocktails.

Investment in Real Estate

With the laws put in place by the government of Mauritius, home ownership on the Mauritian territory provides an opportunity for foreigners to build wealth and this in a legal and economic framework meeting international standards. Acquiring ownership, a foreigner has the possibility of making his property cost-effective by renting it in the short or long term with whomever he deems fit, which will allow him to generate additional income. The real estate sector open to foreign investment in Mauritius, remains one of the most reliable and profitable in obtaining permanent residence.

Invest in Mauritius - Tax Advantages

Mauritius has established an optimal business atmosphere. Accession to real estate in this paradise island is considered very favorable in comparison to other countries, this thanks to its low taxation; no tax on capital gains, wealth and inheritance. In addition to a single tax, property in Mauritius is cheaper and therefore, this range of offerings is very attractive for these foreign investors and retirees.

Tax Convention France – Mauritius

With the tax treaty of non-double taxation signed between France and Mauritius, these Mauritius real estates owned by French tax residents are located outside the scope of the Solidarity Tax on Fortune (ISF) ). Income from renting real estate acquired on the Mauritian territory is only taxed at a fixed rate of 15%. For a foreigner, investing in real property can prove to be an interesting solution to lower its tax on ISF given that his Mauritius property is not part of the wealth of French residents taxable to the ISF. For those who wish to benefit from the status of tax resident and enjoy all the benefits of Mauritian taxation, it is mandatory to reside on Mauritian soil 183 days a year (6 months + 1 day). In Mauritius, the procedure for buying a new home is in line with the purchase of an off-plan property in France.

Investment Models in Mauritius

A foreigner can possibly live in Mauritius provided that he invests in real estate with the systems set up by the government. A foreign national or a Mauritian citizen can buy a house, villa or apartment in Mauritius and can invest safely while enjoying tax benefits through these five types of investment schemes which are the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), the Real Estate Scheme (RES), the G + 2 and the Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS). Some foreigners choose to settle in Mauritius to live more comfortably and others prefer to invest in rental property to expect a financial return.

Property Development Scheme – PDS

Since June 2015, a new scheme known as PDS, has replaced the old IRS and RES schemes. Regulations are quite identical to those before. This system is intended for foreign nationals, Mauritian citizens and also members of the Mauritian Diaspora. Established by the Mauritian government, the principle of this system allows a foreigner to acquire a property in full ownership in Mauritius for an amount greater than 500,000 US Dollars or 418,450 Euros or the equivalent in another currency. This investment gives access to a residence permit, allowing the purchaser as well as members of his family to reside in Mauritius as long as the buyer remains the owner of his property.

Integrated Resort Scheme - IRS

Recognized in 2001, the IRS is the first scheme set up by the Mauritian government in collaboration with the Board of Investment (BOI). This scheme allows foreign investors to purchase villas or luxury residences with high-end facilities and amenities, such as spa, restaurant, swimming pool, golf, tennis, gym, and various other services, extending over a property with a minimum area of 10 hectares. IRS real estate is offered at a price greater than or equal to 500,000 US Dollars and allows the foreign investor to automatically benefit from a permanent residence permit.

Real Estate Scheme - RES

Established in 2006, the RES scheme is the second choice offered to foreign investors to acquire a house, a villa, an apartment or other types of real estate purchases in Mauritius. This system, open to foreigners and locals, allows to invest in projects built on land whose surface area is greater than 4221 square meters but less than 10 hectares. The RES real estate purchase program does not give any right of automatic residency and offers for sale more modest land without having to respect a minimum amount of 500,000 US Dollars. If the real estate investment exceeds 500,000 US Dollars, some property in RES allow to obtain the residence permit in Mauritius. To acquire property in RES, the investor must provide an amount of 25,000 US Dollars in terms of tax and registration fee payable to the Mauritian government. When purchasing a RES property, the construction project must be approved by the Board of Investment (BOI).

Invest Hotel Scheme

This scheme, introduced in 2010, is for foreign nationals only. It allows you to purchase a room, an apartment, a villa or a suite which is part of a luxury resort in Mauritius. This system provides no minimum investment except for the purchase of an independent luxury villa where the price must exceed the sum of 500,000 US Dollars. By buying a property in this context, these foreigners are not allowed to obtain the residence permit and settle permanently on Mauritian territory.

G + 2

Established in 2016, the G + 2 is a new property investment system that has eased the acquisition of real estate in Mauritius. This is a condominium apartment in a building with at least two floors. The purchase of a G + 2 in Mauritius allows to obtain a temporary residence permit for up to 6 months but unfortunately cannot access a permanent residence permit. The G + 2 turns out to be a very good rental investment whose income on your investment will not be taxable in France.

The Expatriate's Guide - Mauritius

A foreign person may choose to settle in the north, east, south or west of Mauritius, the region that will best meet his expectations. Famous for its biggest seaside resort, most beautiful beaches and picturesque villages, the north coast is the most touristic and the most commercial of all; the eastern region is famed for being one of the most beautiful coasts on the island. The East offers authentic landscapes with huge beaches, charming fishing villages and the best luxurious hotels of the island; the southern region fascinates tourists and visitors by its wild and protected side and by its picturesque little fishing villages, but is less developed than the other parts of the island, and is situated quite far from school infrastructure and businesses; the west coast is a paradise, very touristic and popular for its sunsets. This region is the driest of the island and the most protected from the winds. The West has many authentic fishing villages and is home to spots and natural parks.

Discover Mauritius Island – Invest, Live and Vacation

Each year, thousands of tourists and investors choose to spend their holidays or settle on this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Many people fall in love of this paradise island and decide to settle down there to enjoy their retirement, work or simply live with their family. Live an exceptional experience in Mauritius and discover its culture, languages, traditions and cuisine...